What we do…

We’ve over twenty years of corporate film-making experience and a huge range of the latest equipment, VWP will work with you to capture the essence of your product, company or message from initial concept through to a finished film.

You are essential to the success of the film so we will take time to research and get to know your business. We will co-develop initial concepts and provide creative ideas using our experiences and knowledge in the film world.

Once a brief and a budget has been agreed, we will arrange locations, props and any permissions required.

1 minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words or 3,600 typical web pages.

“When the Safer Harrogate District Community Safety team decided to commission a series of short films on crime prevention & awareness, we picked VWP Films because we had received a glowing testimonial from a well-respected local client who had worked with VWP and because of the work that they had produced previously.

At our initial meetings to scope out the project, Katie came up with lots of great ideas for the films which we as a team hadn’t originally thought of. Katie’s professionalism, direction & drive were key to getting what we wanted from the films. Working with Katie & Gary over the course of the eight short films has been very enjoyable, & the Community Safety team is delighted with the results.”

– Simon Aston, Safer Communities Officer
Safer Communities, Harrogate Borough Council

How we do it…

On filming day, VWP will arrive on location early, set up our film, lighting, and sound equipment, meet any presenters and ensure they are at ease. We are a small crew and strive to cause minimum disruption, if any to the normal working function of your company during filming.

Once we’re happy we have all the required footage, we take the rushes away for post-production, editing, sound, music, animation and graphics.

We will keep you updated and send links to our secure website for you to check progress and enable you to make comments and amends.

We don’t impose strict limits on how many amends we will do like other companies you pay us to deliver your film, how you want it. That is what we do!

We’ll also deliver your film in the very best format(s) for your requirements, whatever they are and however they may change.


NHS England

We spoke to a very special nurse – all part of the National Nurses Week for NHS England.

Community Safety Partnership

We were asked to create a series of 60 second quick fire information films for Harrogate Borough Council and the Community Safety Partnership

Harrogate International Festivals

Yes, that is J K Rowling!

HIC Tattoo Royale

We are building a library of footage of some of the events and shows that the International Centre produce. A hugely varied programme throughout the year – this was superb!

It's always brew time in Yorkshire!

Contact Katie on 07870563011
or email katie@vwpfilms.com